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Administrative Division

Belarus is divided into six oblasts with oblast centers: Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev. Each oblast is divided into districts, towns and other territorial and administrative units. In Belarus there are over 100 towns including 12 towns with the population over 100,000.

Belarus’ administrative and territorial division is defined by Law No 154-3 of the Republic of Belarus of 5 May 1998 “On the administrative and territorial division and the order of addressing the issues of the administrative and territorial system of the Republic of Belarus”.

The law contains the following administrative and territorial units of Belarus:

the capital of Belarus (the status of the city of Minsk is defined by the law)

oblasts (Belarusian: voblast)

cities (population of 50,000 and more; large administrative, economic and cultural centers, with well-developed production and social infrastructure).

districts (Belarusian: rayon)

towns (Belarusian: gorad) (population of 6,000 and more; with industrial companies, social and cultural establishments, and good prospects for development and population growth)

Rural settlements:

Agrotowns – settlements with well-developed production and social infrastructure, high social standards.

Today Belarus comprises:
capital – the city of Minsk
six oblasts
118 regions
15 cities (5 oblast centers and 10 regional centers);
98 towns (84 of them are regional centers);
95 townships (22 of them are regional centers);
1365 villages